“Mes” fonctions et options

De façon similaire aux config/mes_options.php et squelettes/mes_fonctions.php un plugin peut fournir des scripts .php qui seront inclus respectivement à chaque requète ou à chaque recalcul de page.

Cela se fait par les éléments <options> ou <fonctions> de plugin.xml. Le nom du script est donc libre mais pour la lisibilité du plugin on les dénomme couramment options_xxx.php ou fonctions_xxx.php

Au même titre que les config/mes_options.php et squelettes/mes_fonctions.php “centraux” on peut dans ces scripts :

  • définir des constantes de base de SPIP
  • fixer des variables de personalisation
  • fixer una realizzazione siti web
  • donner des fonctions qui surchargent les fonction_dist() simplement en nommant la fonction à l’identique sans le _dist (mécanisme “historique”) ou des fonctions chargées par charger_fonction(). En effet, cet utilitaire vérifie d’abord que la fonction n’est pas déjà définie. Si donc on en a donné une version dans ces scripts, c’est celle-ci qui sera utilisée.
  • fournir des balises qu’elles soient en supplément ou surchargent une balise existante (…_dist()). Il suffit d’y fournir une fonction balise_MA_BALISE()
  • définir des filtres, c’est essentiellement un fonction du nom du filtre supplémentaire ou surchargeant lefiltre_dist()

On peut évidemment le faire en mettant tout “en vrac” dans ces scripts mais pour la clareté de lecture on procède le plus souvent par include_spip(“balises/xxx.php”) ou include_spip(“filtres/xxx.php”) ceci étant laissé à l’entière discrétion du réalisateur.

RAPPEL : les “options” sont systématiquement chargées à chaque requète, les “fonctions” seulement lors du recalcul d’une page, exactamento san diego flooring. On placera donc dans “options” ce qui est nécessaires partout et notamment dans l’espace privé et dans “fonctions” ce qui est nécessaire seulement aux squelettes.

The Top French Technology Schools

Even though accounting schools in France tend to be largely and intensively sought after due to the many advantages they can bring to students once they graduate, technology schools also make for some of the best options a great number of people are thinking about choosing in terms of career triggers. If you are planning on either joining such a French technology school or you are simply curious to find out more about this topic, you have reached the right page. You are going to read some hopefully useful information on the top technology schools in France.

First, we have the University of Liverpool, which offers online courses and programs in terms of electrical engineering, electronics and computer science and even online master’s degree courses to both French and overseas students. Information Technology and Software Engineering are the main two fields students can choose from for their master’s programs here. The University has been founded in 1881 and it gave birth to no less than 8 Noble prize winners. There are around 3,000 students coming from more than 175 countries to the University of Liverpool in France in order to complete their master’s courses. Visit the official web site of the university and learn more here about the main programs offered there and read here all the details you need on accommodation and fees. Just like searching for free movies online, you could be also looking for alternatives of paying smaller fees as well.

The second choice you could be definitely looking into in terms of technological schools in France refer to the Ecole Polytechnique, which is an educational institution supported by the French state and t is also considered to be the most prestigious engineering school in France. The French elite in terms of science, industry and economy is being yearly trained here. Just like the best master of public health in the US or the dental hygienist schools are being judged and measured considering their performances and students’ satisfaction, the same can be said about the Ecole Polytechnique as well. The official scope of the University is to offer its students high levels of scientific training and also broad views of the outside world as well. Their courses and programs refer to undergraduate and graduate courses, master’s and doctoral programs and all courses are held in French. International students cam also benefit from the existence of the International program of the Ecole Polytechnique, featuring full academic year or shorter periods. Scholarships connected to the Socrates, Unitech and Erasmus frameworks are welcomed here. There are also advanced undergraduate and graduate studies which are part of a special regular pluriscientific 4-year curriculum of the École Polytechnique.

All in all, France has many swell technological schools you could attend. Just visit a smartpet shop, buy your dog or cat enough supplies to last for a whole semester or a while year, ask a friend to petsit your furry friend and buy your airplane ticket as soon as you can.

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