Les différents points d’insertion d’un plugin

La caractèristique principale des plugins est leur habilité à fournir des fonctionnalités supplémentaires ou à modifier le fonctionnement de spip sans avoir à modifier le noyau (core) de spip.

L’aspect fondamendal de cette habilité est l’incorporation dans le “_SPIP_PATH” de la racine du plugin. Cela veut dire que tout find_in_path() et conséquemment charger_fonction() ou include_spip() sera capable d’aller chercher des éléments dans l’arborescence du plugin. C’est valable aussi bien pour des scripts .php que pour des squelettes .html, des images, etc.

Dès qu’il est activé, le répertoire du plugin devient prioritaire par rapport aux répertoires du noyau : ecrire/, dist/ et racine du site. Donc, par exemple, si le plugin fournit un inc/forum.php, c’est ce script qui sera inclus lors d’un include_spip(“inc/forum.php. Il viendra donc remplacer le script original du noyau. Cette capacité est toutefois à utiliser avec parcimonie et on lui préfèrera dans la mesure du possible les autres possibilité d’insertion par options, fonctions ou pipeline. En effet, un tel remplacement fait que le script correspondant du noyau devient “invisible” et ses mises à jour ne seront plus suivies. C’est pourquoi on appelle communément cette technique un carlsbad therapist “fork” (branchement).

Les répertoires des plugins restent néanmoins moins prioritaires que les répertoires squelettes. Ceci permet à l’utilisateur final de pouvoir fournir sa propre copie qui prendra le pas sur les plugins et le noyau. On peut dire ainsi que les plugins fournissent une localisation intermédiare entre le noyau (distribution standard) et les squelettes (fourniture propre à l’utilisateur sanuk shoes)

A noter que l’activation d’un plugin fournit une constante décrivant son répertoire : _DIR_PLUGIN_XXX, où XXX est le préfixe du plugin, qui est à utiliser dès lors qu’on veut forcer la recherche d’un élément au répertoire du plugin. Attention, cet élément ne sera alors plus surchargeable et on préfèrera les find_in_path() ou include_spip() sui laissent toute liberté à l’utilisateur de fournir ses propres élements.

How to Migrate to France & Start a Business

France lies in the heart of Europe and with its long tradition of high developed culture it attracts people of all age groups and different backgrounds. France is a destination for the sophisticated person in specific who is looking for the never experienced encounter of a different way of life. The strict centralistic structure of the land where all influences, governmental and cultural spread from Paris over the entire country, the effects of them become thinner the further you distance from the Capitol. For that reason you will find a unique array of opportunities that offers the vibrant lifestyle in Paris with its flair that is well-known throughout the world to the cozy country side idyll of the Provence or the lifestyle of the high society at the Cote d’Azure. Often students move to France for a limited time just to experience the typical French lifestyle. The approach to life itself with the attributes of hard work combined with extensive social life and of course food is appealing to the young person seeking different views of life before settling.

If you are looking to live there for the rest of your life you have different options and a good education provides you an advantage that can enable you to start even a business anywhere you like. A good education can be achieved today easily by using online masters degree programs. Choose courses that fit your likes as masters of health administration, master in finance or get an online mba degree, a communication degree, a criminal justice degree online or an mba in healthcare management. The possibilities are endless. If you intend to work in the ever expanding IT world you might select the information technology degree online.

For migrating to France with the intention of catching and participating in the unique vibrant lifestyle that is so different from the one of the New World and try to combine it with an own business, you will discover a vast number of options that definitely will satisfy the search for the uniqueness in life. With a merchant cash advance you might open up a home based business first catering the many stores and shops that embrace the expansions of the online merchandising. Assisting them in broadening their clients and showing them the unique opportunities the new age has to offer, you can scoop off the clients that are not familiar with these new trends. With this type of business you are able to offer all kind of online jobs: take part in SEO works, offer services like PPI calculator or help the many small businesses to compete in the corporate world by showing them how to use the internet effectively.

Spicing your life up and gaining the view of a so different culture is what France is all about. Have the experience of your lifetime and know what it means when people say c’est la vie.

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