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Technology Companies in France

France is one of the most powerful economies in Europe, home to many technology companies that deliver continuous innovation and a shot in the arm in terms of economic profit. While France is primarily known for its fashion industry, its glamour companies, and its worldwide leadership in couture and designer clothing, it cannot be denied that it is just as prolific on the technology front as it is on its more famed fashion front. In this post, we will briefly talk about these umbrella companies, their serviced offices and prolific output, with the end goal of highlighting how France continues to be a world power in technology even if it is not primarily known as such.

Right off the bat, consider how France is a player in key worldwide technological industries such as in aerospace, automotive manufacture, construction and civil engineering design, energy and engineering, information technology, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, software design, steel, and wine among others. These are the wow gold flagship industries in technology and they remain to be strong points on France’s famed economy.

For example, in the automotive industry, France is home to companies that manufacture the well-known car brands Reugeot, Renault, and Citroen. Worldwide, the first two brands are well known for their innovation and durability. In fact, Renault races on the F1 circuit and while it has yet to demonstrate parity with super fast cars like Ferrari and McLaren, it certainly has decent showing in most races as a testament to its strength in automotive design and manufacture. It’s hard to not have smile makeovers when you consider that the automotive industry “drives” a significant portion of French economy when it comes to holding market share in many European countries. Even tire manufacturer Michelin is based in France and its worldwide popularity does not require read more signs for you to know more about that brand.

An interesting new segment for which France is beginning to be recognized is in software design. Barely a few years ago, you would have thought France was known better for its perm and Brazilian keratin treatment sessions than for its software proficiency. Today, multinational companies regularly seek for solutions to their IT problems through software companies based in France.

For starters, SAP Business Objects is an IT company that specializes in providing software solutions for data management and planning, reporting and system information generation. This company works with some of the biggest manufacturing companies in the world to streamline manufacturing operations and deliver unrivaled efficiency. Without SAP Business Objects, many of the worldwide manufacturing giants would be a tad less efficient. It certainly wouldn’t be a reach to say they might as well be doing penny auctions.

Other well-known French software companies with sterling reputations that glitter like C9 Christmas lights include Aureus Sciences, Digital Surf, Genostar, GRAITEC, Hexaglobe, IMDS Group, Mondeca, Odisei, OpenCube technologies, Systancia, and Viadeo to name a few.

Perhaps its time to reconsider our view of France as more than just the fashion capital of the world; true, fashion sells just as much as Meladerm reviews or Fat Loss 4 Idiots guides but at the end of the day, the technology companies of France do their fair share of pulling the French economy forward. Without these companies, it is not inconceivable to see France as less powerful than it is currently constituted. For this reason, French technology companies deserve credit more than they are currently getting, and that is exactly why we went out of our way to acknowledge its contribution to the worldwide economy in general and French economic might in particular.

How to Start a Company in France

If you are interested to learn how to start a company in France, the information found here should aid you discover a few useful tricks and tips on how to get things rolling there. For example, you shall get to know how to easily start up a business on the French territory, how to successfully develop a commercial strategy and how to handle your money-related issues as well. You shall not need to prepare top call some 800 numbers just to find out how to do things, but rather take in all of this information and make the most out of it.

Relocating your business or putting your first business ideas into practice in France is an important decision. It is also a decision that is going to require a great deal of thinking. Start by verifying if the trade of profession you are thinking of completing is regulated there or not, and check out its terms of entry. Do some market research and try to clearly assess all of the market prospects that could interest your business, then make sure you build a strong marketing strategy. You could use the click here option on some official web sites and try to find out the exact situation of all of the restaurants, cafes, bars or clubs in France, if you are interested in starting up such a business. If you want to open an Italian food restaurant, for instance, it might be a good idea to actually check and see if there are a lot of Italians living in the area where you have decided to relocate your business to, or if taking your Italian specific food there will feel like going on a wild Africa safari.

Next, you should also make sure that you will be serving the French market as well. In terms of renting you should spend some time and do some proper research, so that you can benefit from the important sand often times substantial fiscal advantages that furnished properties might be offering you. You should also register as unemployed with a French job agency while you are planning your business ahead, so that you can also enjoy a nice exemption from most of your social security contributions for up to two years.

Whether you are considering opening a floor tape business or a flower shop in France, you are also going to need a good accountant to help you out with all of your money issues. You should also make sure you possess at least a few hundred Euros in order to get the tax advice or the financial assistance that you and your new business are going to need. You could also use a Centre de Gestion Agrees to verify your accounts and check out the availability of tax concessions. Get the costs of the insurance for your business and register your business before you start any form of commercial trading.

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