France And Its Beautiful Wonders

Who does not like to see the unseen? Everybody likes. France is a country full of conspicuous places. These places not only content the passion of a traveler, but also create an aspiration to live in France. Now, these popular and charming places are described below:

Paris, the city of the Eiffel Tower, is the capital of France. This city is full of world class museums, monuments and other attractions. It is no doubt; the Eiffel Tower is one of the most popular tourist attractions in France. It is the tallest building in Paris. The Champs-Elysées, Notre-Dame cathedral, the Moulin-Rouge are also some of the recognizable sites of Paris. Many visitors from different countries like Tim Lamont, a well-known business man usually call round the Paris to see its beauty.

Nice is another city of France associated with colorful history. In the past, some area of this city was owned by another country, Italy. However, Nice is located on the French Riviera between rugged hills and the azure waters of the Mediterranean. Many people do mistake by saying miera hill. The beaches, the renowned flower market, the old town, the old port, and several art galleries of Nice, all these attract the visitors largely. The long sweep of the Baie des Anges is a wonderful beach in the world. One of the finest and historic cities of Europe is Strasbourg. Gothic cathedral, narrow streets, half-timbered houses and canals all enhance the beauty of Strasbourg.

Marseille, situated on the south-east coast of France is the second-largest city. The major visiting places of Marseille are the city’s cathedrals and the mediaeval St. Laurent church. It has a largest commercial port that plays a vital role to keep the wheel of economy of the country running. From this port large components of machines or whole machines like pressure washing are shifted. The old port is also a place to see.

Lyon, situated between Paris and Marseille, ranked in the top 10 most innovative cities in the world. The economic condition of this city is developing day by day. Lyon is famous for tourism industry, cuisine, cinema, football. World know this city for its banking, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotech industries. Best coconut oil is produced from here. This city is also famous for good restaurants. Working capital comes from this city.

Toulouse, situated on the south coast of France is very popular destinations for expats and holidaymakers. It is also known as “pink city”. The St Sernin basilica, the Jacobins church and cloisters, and the Place du Capitole are the wonderful places of this city. It has one of the oldest universities in the world and a multicultural population.

Another city is Lille. It has an old city that is famous for its Flemish squares and belfries. Worth seeing are the 17th century Citadel, the Lille art gallery that is the second best in France after the Louvre, the La Piscine, and the popular Lille zoo.

Toulon is another attractive naval port city. It has an attractive old quarter. Two monuments the St. Pierre cathedral and the Chateau of the Dukes of Brittany are seen in the old city, Nantes.

These places are like cubicles of France those are full of beauty and highly recognized in the world.

Why France is a famous Place to Visit

If you’re a passionate traveler, there’s one famous place that you must not miss visiting in your lifetime:  The legendary and romantic France.  France, the largest country in Western Europe, is well known, among other things, for its history, language, art, and fashion trend.

A country very rich in history, France had its roots more than a million years ago.  Different events throughout the ancient period, middle ages, and towards the modern era have shaped France into a dynamic and ever evolving congregation of people.

Memorable historical episodes, such as the Battle of Tours, the Hundred Years’ Wars, the French Revolution, and the two World Wars have virtually been part of academic studies.

Both famous and infamous historical figures have risen from France as it witnessed the rise and fall of its existence.  Clovis, Charlemagne, Louis IX, Napoleon Bonaparte, Bernadette Soubirous, and Charles de Gaulle are just a few of the extraordinary personalities whose deeds have captured the imagination of countless people.

With France’s historical value in mind, be sure to visit the historical places of France, like theLa Conciergerie, Arc de Triomphe, Sainte Chapelle, Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris, The Catacombs of Paris, The Eiffel Tower, and the Musee du Louvre.

Another good reason to visit France is that it is home to the French language.  French is used as a very significant diplomatic language in international organizations, such as NATO, the U.N. Secretariat, and the International Olympic Committee.

Many also consider French as the language of love.  Movies, such as French Kiss and Forget Paris, often portray France as a very romantic place.   Expressing love in French seems to heighten the romantic experience between two people.

France has its share of great artists.  Jean Fouquet is considered the most famous medieval French painter.  French painters, like Claude Monet and Georges Braque, contributed much to the development of French art.  Foreigners who lived in France, like Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh, also made France famous in the art world.

Located in Paris and one of the world’s largest museums, The Louvre houses a vast collection of antiquities, sculpture, paintings, and drawings from around the world.

For many years, France has always been at the forefront of fashion trends.  Considered as one of the fashion capitals of the world, France is headquarters to many foremost fashion establishments.  Designer Yves Saint Laurent is one example of leading French fashion to global popularity.

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Next time you plan to travel the world, put France on top of your list and be ready for an adventure into history, language, art, and fashion.