Why France is a famous Place to Visit

If you’re a passionate traveler, there’s one famous place that you must not miss visiting in your lifetime:  The legendary and romantic France.  France, the largest country in Western Europe, is well known, among other things, for its history, language, art, and fashion trend.

A country very rich in history, France had its roots more than a million years ago.  Different events throughout the ancient period, middle ages, and towards the modern era have shaped France into a dynamic and ever evolving congregation of people.

Memorable historical episodes, such as the Battle of Tours, the Hundred Years’ Wars, the French Revolution, and the two World Wars have virtually been part of academic studies.

Both famous and infamous historical figures have risen from France as it witnessed the rise and fall of its existence.  Clovis, Charlemagne, Louis IX, Napoleon Bonaparte, Bernadette Soubirous, and Charles de Gaulle are just a few of the extraordinary personalities whose deeds have captured the imagination of countless people.

With France’s historical value in mind, be sure to visit the historical places of France, like the La Conciergerie, Arc de Triomphe, Sainte Chapelle, Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris, The Catacombs of Paris, The Eiffel Tower, and the Musee du Louvre.

Another good reason to visit France is that it is home to the French language.  French is used as a very significant diplomatic language in international organizations, such as NATO, the U.N. Secretariat, and the International Olympic Committee.

Many also consider French as the language of love.  Movies, such as French Kiss and Forget Paris, often portray France as a very romantic place.   Expressing love in French seems to heighten the romantic experience between two people.

France has its share of great artists.  Jean Fouquet is considered the most famous medieval French painter.  French painters, like Claude Monet and Georges Braque, contributed much to the development of French art.  Foreigners who lived in France, like Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh, also made France famous in the art world.

Located in Paris and one of the world’s largest museums, The Louvre houses a vast collection of antiquities, sculpture, paintings, and drawings from around the world.

For many years, France has always been at the forefront of fashion trends.  Considered as one of the fashion capitals of the world, France is headquarters to many foremost fashion establishments.  Designer Yves Saint Laurent is one example of leading French fashion to global popularity.

French fashion is so popular that French-inspired clothing can now be purchased online.  One such online store is, an online shopping destination that offers a wide range of products from clothing to electronic gadgets.  Nomorerack regularly offers special deals on selected items that you can buy at discounted prices.  To satisfy its customers’ ever growing needs, nomorerack reviews its existing deals in order to come up with better ones.

Next time you plan to travel the world, put France on top of your list and be ready for an adventure into history, language, art, and fashion.

A brief history about France

When you talk about exquisite food and the latest in fashion, there’s one country that comes to mind – France.  Famed places in France include the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre art museum, the Notre Dame Cathedral.  You might have also heard of the highly revered Tour de France.  France is well known for a lot of things, but it is more importantly a product of a long and interesting series of historical events.

France, or officially known as the French Republic, is an independent country located in Western Europe.  It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  The city of Paris is the capital and the largest city of France.

Pieces of evidence, such as the stone tools discovered at Chilhac in 1968 and in Lézignan-la-Cèbe in 2009, point out that the earliest humans inhabited France as early as 1.8 million years ago.  Pre-historic cave paintings discovered at Lascaux and Gargas further confirmed the presence of the earliest dwellers of France.

Ionian Greeks from Phocaea founded a colony of Massalia, which is present-day Marseille, in 600 BC.  This makes Marseille the oldest city of France.  France used to be part of a region called Gaul which also encompassed Luxembourg, Belgium, most of Switzerland, Northern Italy, parts of the Netherlands and Germany.

Frankish kingdoms were established from 486 to 987 AD.  The name France actually came from the Latin “Francia” which literally means the “land of the Franks”.  In 486, Clovis I unified most of northern and central Gaul.  Clovis later adopted Catholicism to his kingdom.  This was a period where Muslim invaders threatened the Frankish kingdoms.  Other notable personalities during this period include Pepin the Short, Charlemagne, and Louis the Pious.

France was slowly built as a state into a kingdom from 987 to 1453 AD.  This period saw the rise of strong leaders.  The monarchy started to establish absolute sovereignty over France in the 16th century.  There was a strong alliance between the Catholic Church and the kingdom.  France became a truly centralized kingdom when Louis IX came to power in 1226-1270.  In 1328-1453, the early Valois Kings reigned supreme and the Hundred Years War erupted.

In 1453-1789, France entered into early modern history with the establishment of the House of Valois and the House of Bourbon.  The French Wars of Religion broke out in 1562-1598 as the feud between Protestants leading the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Church escalated.  In 1789-1799, the French Revolution broke out as disgruntled citizens fought for radical social and political changes leading to the abolishment of the monarchy.

Napoleon Bonaparte became the emperor of the French in 1804-1814.  After a series of battles, Napoleon was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.  The Second Republic was established in 1848-1852 while the Third Republic happened in 1871-1914.

France played a major role in World War I and World War II.  A new constitution marked the establishment of the Fourth Republic in 1946.  The current constitution used today was formulated in 1958.



French Technology Status

When you think of science and technology, France is not one of the countries on the tip of your tongue, you are more likely to think of the USA, UK and maybe Germany. Interestingly though, France has been a pioneer in a number of technological advances.

They were the third country to have satellites alongside the USA and Russia, but what is interesting that you may not know is where France has actually been the leader when it comes to technology.

  • Today France is the leader in nuclear technology export. You can learn more by checking online.
  • France also played an important role in the development of photography. So when you arrange your south Africa travel and want to take photographs of the wild life, you can thank the French.
  • Internal combustion engines, did you know these were a technology originated in France? You can find out so much when you do online searches, search for this the same as you would if you were searching for fender telecaster or extra resources.
  • Another couple of things you may not have realized originated in France includes the refrigerator, parachute and even an electric generator. Things we rely on today, some on a daily basis and yet never knew what an important role France had.

Another part of science and technology where France was the leader is high speed transport.  Some of the fastest trains originated in France, the product info obviously leaked around the world, because today we all enjoy super fast transportation.

Isn’t it strange that when we think of anything to do with technology, we never think of France. The first place I think of is Japan, but France has played such an important role in technology.

Today the colleges and universities throughout France offer science and technology courses to help future scientists in the country. They have large scientific buildings that work on science, technology and mathematics. They are still leaders in technology, but they are low key and we don’t often hear about them.

While France do not launch their own satellites anymore, they were the third country to take this giant leap when it came to technology.

It’s so funny but when I think of France my first though is food. The French are much better known for their food than being pioneers in technology. But where does that leave France when it comes to technology today?

France is still a high roller when it comes to technology, they are constantly teaching and training new scientists which are working on a medley of technology from high speed rail to the latest technological advances. It won’t be long before we hear of France again when it comes to technology. They will just pop out of the woodwork to everyone’s surprise with a new technology that we cannot live without.

If you think about it many of the technological advances made by the French are technologies we cannot live without including the electric generators, fridges and the parachute. The parachute is still used on a daily basis around the world.

Facts about France

France is a country located in the western part of Europe. It borders the Bay of Biscay and also the English Channel, and it is located between Spain and Belgium, bordering the United Kingdom in the southeast. It is also located between Spain and Italy, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The country is smaller than Texas, if we are to strictly look at its surface, and it ranks 43 in a world top of countries, by surface. Metropolitan (or the European par of) France has mild summers and cool winters in general, and hot summers and mild winters across the Mediterranean Sea. If you are thinking about doing some fun blogging for kids, you could go ahead and focus on writing some fun facts about the world’s countries, France included. There are plenty of fun or general types of facts for you to write down when it comes to France.

For instance, car accident lawyers in France might be called to duty more often as compared to other lawyers, as wine is the traditional or national drink of the French people and all French love their fine glass of almost daily wine. In fact, wine has been made here since ancient times, when the Roma Empire was in bloom, and France is ranking first and second when it comes to producing or exporting wine to other countries worldwide.

Another interesting fact about France is related to the large number of cosmetic companies that are being hosted here. L’Oreal, Lancome, Sephora, Vichy are just a few of the most trustworthy, popular, and appreciated cosmetic brands in the world, and they all originate in France. So if you are looking for an excellent eczema cream or some coconut for skin, oil, lotion, or cream, France is the place to be and French products are the ones you should be looking for.

France can also brag about its exquisite cuisine, which is often times considered to be one of the best on the globe. There are an average number of two cooking books that are being published on a regular basis in France, and no less than 300 different types of cheese you can find here. French love their cheese and they like to eat it along with a fine glass of wine. Watching a cooking show on any mac izle channel should definitely bring you closer to knowing more about the France cuisine and also about their eating habits.

The French also have a great number of castles and palaces – more than 40,000 of them, to be more precise, and this is probably one of the explanations why so many French teenagers are so captivated by the game of WoW and why they are constantly buying and selling rift platinum or gold.

Origin of French Language

The French language has a long history but it primarily evolved from Vulgar Latin and the Gallo-Romance dialects that dotted Northern France as far back as 50 BC. There are many facets to consider when discussing the history of language, particularly one as complex as French, and all these facets contribute to the eventual result as we know it today. Thankfully, the extensive study of language means we don’t need to consult a tarot to know how it developed over the centuries.

The first root of the modern French stemmed from Vulgar Latin but it was heavily influenced in 50 BC.This came from the then inhabitants of modern France which was home to many Celtic-speaking inhabitants known to the Romans as the Belgae and the Gauls. The southern part of France also hosted a variety of other ethnic groups which were heavily influential to the development of the French language including the Iberians, the Ligures, the Greeks, and the Vascons and Aquitanians. All forms of industry thrived at that time particularly the early predecessors of nurse practitioner schools which extended help between and among warring groups in the area.

The mix between Vulgar Latin and Gaulish influences gave way to the infusion of Germanic words in the 3rd century when tribes invaded many areas of France. This also paved the way for the rise of the Franks as the dominant group that carried the French language forward, as well as the Alemanni, the Burgundians, and the Visigoths. These groups altered the pronunciation of many common words and changed syntax in a way that would be carried to today’s modern French. As much as 15% of the modern vocabulary drew roots from this period certainly gaining more value than the best electronic cigarette v2 cigs.

The next infusion and transformation happened in the late Middle Ages with the integration of the Duchy of Normandy into the Kingdom of France adding another 150 words of Scandinavian origin into the flourishing French vocabulary. While serviced apartments were not yet common at this time, affluence was on the rise due to the boom in trade between the Dutch neighbors to the East.

The modern French language became apparent in the 1300s and onwards in written stories which proliferated into the Renaissance. Today, everyone from florists Victoria BC to bakers in Paris use this language. The influence of the Renaissance was also apparent as the 17th and 19th century ascendance of France as a world power allowed it to increase its influences across the world. Many of the old French colonies today still speak French as a primary or secondary language. Old colonies like those in Canada, Haiti, some countries in Africa and Asia all continue to embrace the French language as a popular relic of the colonization period.

Overall, the French language is well loved. It is one of the things that make France unique. Many even consider it to be most romantic language in the world, although Spanish may stake the same claim in other circles. Over the years, the French language has thrived so much that knowing French is now a requirement in international business. It’s not mis sold mortgage in that it is very well alive and kicking, and is well romanticized as one of the most attractive languages to learn for linguists and language enthusiasts.

If you have the time, use it to learn French. The French culture is ripe with so many good things, the language being one of it. You are certainly well placed to embrace French and showcase your flair for what is certainly one of the greatest languages in the world.

French Culture and Traditions

Starting with the 17th century, France has been globally recognized as a major cultural center, having been praised for the rich esthetic sense in everything that was related to art, cinema, fashion, or cuisine. Today, France is a country that brings together an amazing conglomerate of different cultures, while still keeping its specific unique touch and appeal when referring to geography, the French language, or ethnicity. Heterogeneity now characterizes this region that was once hosting many local customs and different regional marks. The Franco-Prussian feud and the World War I and the World War II are all responsible for the diversity of cultural influences and also for the centralization of the market forces that have been reunited under the same flag.

The multiple ethnic groups and religions that are to be discovered on French soil and the amazing diversity of the French people all over the globe continue to make France one of the most intriguing cultures of the world. The various types of cuisine, dialects, accents, and local traditions in France are being currently threatened by globalization, massive immigration and powerful market forces.

There are plenty of local or regional differences when it comes to the French cuisine, tolerance in terms of religion, social differences, political views, and fashion or language. Just like you can get advantage cards online and buy Kratom or cheaper coconut oil for face, you should also be able to come across a great deal of cultural differences all across the world.

Peculiarities are the ones that are usually most sought after. We are here to tell you that despite of the fact that urbanization and the influence of the mass media have led to the results we can all witness today, these peculiarities continue to exist. These French traditions have also travelled over the seas, but they are most visible in France. The beheading bottles of champagne with the help of saber is still highly popular during French weddings. This special tradition dates back since the Napoleonic times and it is meant to represent the symbol of victory.

Bastille Day is the celebration of the storming of a Parisian prison in 1789 and it is commemorated via special street parades and evening fireworks. You do not have to ask for a special US fast cash loan in order to visit France and get to enjoy all of its glorious perks, but you are going to have to get ready to spend quite a bit of money here. Warm handshakes and hellos are quite often here while entering small shops and pointing at something using your index finger is considered to be rude in France. Remember these small details when planning your trip to France. Visit France in August and enjoy ales crowded country, as all French leave on vacation, no matter if they are online specialists working for Sapphire Waters Motor Inn, or they are simple shop managers. Check out an online PPI calculator and see how much money can you claim – and start planning your French holiday today!



France And Its Beautiful Wonders

Who does not like to see the unseen? Everybody likes. France is a country full of conspicuous places. These places not only content the passion of a traveler, but also create an aspiration to live in France. Now, these popular and charming places are described below:

Paris, the city of the Eiffel Tower, is the capital of France. This city is full of world class museums, monuments and other attractions. It is no doubt; the Eiffel Tower is one of the most popular tourist attractions in France. It is the tallest building in Paris. The Champs-Elysées, Notre-Dame cathedral, the Moulin-Rouge are also some of the recognizable sites of Paris. Many visitors from different countries like Tim Lamont, a well-known business man usually call round the Paris to see its beauty.

Nice is another city of France associated with colorful history. In the past, some area of this city was owned by another country, Italy. However, Nice is located on the French Riviera between rugged hills and the azure waters of the Mediterranean. Many people do mistake by saying miera hill. The beaches, the renowned flower market, the old town, the old port, and several art galleries of Nice, all these attract the visitors largely. The long sweep of the Baie des Anges is a wonderful beach in the world. One of the finest and historic cities of Europe is Strasbourg. Gothic cathedral, narrow streets, half-timbered houses and canals all enhance the beauty of Strasbourg.

Marseille, situated on the south-east coast of France is the second-largest city. The major visiting places of Marseille are the city’s cathedrals and the mediaeval St. Laurent church. It has a largest commercial port that plays a vital role to keep the wheel of economy of the country running. From this port large components of machines or whole machines like pressure washing are shifted. The old port is also a place to see.

Lyon, situated between Paris and Marseille, ranked in the top 10 most innovative cities in the world. The economic condition of this city is developing day by day. Lyon is famous for tourism industry, cuisine, cinema, football. World know this city for its banking, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotech industries. Best coconut oil is produced from here. This city is also famous for good restaurants. Working capital comes from this city.

Toulouse, situated on the south coast of France is very popular destinations for expats and holidaymakers. It is also known as “pink city”. The St Sernin basilica, the Jacobins church and cloisters, and the Place du Capitole are the wonderful places of this city. It has one of the oldest universities in the world and a multicultural population.

Another city is Lille. It has an old city that is famous for its Flemish squares and belfries. Worth seeing are the 17th century Citadel, the Lille art gallery that is the second best in France after the Louvre, the La Piscine, and the popular Lille zoo.

Toulon is another attractive naval port city. It has an attractive old quarter. Two monuments the St. Pierre cathedral and the Chateau of the Dukes of Brittany are seen in the old city, Nantes.

These places are like cubicles of France those are full of beauty and highly recognized in the world.

Why France is a famous Place to Visit

If you’re a passionate traveler, there’s one famous place that you must not miss visiting in your lifetime:  The legendary and romantic France.  France, the largest country in Western Europe, is well known, among other things, for its history, language, art, and fashion trend.

A country very rich in history, France had its roots more than a million years ago.  Different events throughout the ancient period, middle ages, and towards the modern era have shaped France into a dynamic and ever evolving congregation of people.

Memorable historical episodes, such as the Battle of Tours, the Hundred Years’ Wars, the French Revolution, and the two World Wars have virtually been part of academic studies.

Both famous and infamous historical figures have risen from France as it witnessed the rise and fall of its existence.  Clovis, Charlemagne, Louis IX, Napoleon Bonaparte, Bernadette Soubirous, and Charles de Gaulle are just a few of the extraordinary personalities whose deeds have captured the imagination of countless people.

With France’s historical value in mind, be sure to visit the historical places of France, like theLa Conciergerie, Arc de Triomphe, Sainte Chapelle, Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris, The Catacombs of Paris, The Eiffel Tower, and the Musee du Louvre.

Another good reason to visit France is that it is home to the French language.  French is used as a very significant diplomatic language in international organizations, such as NATO, the U.N. Secretariat, and the International Olympic Committee.

Many also consider French as the language of love.  Movies, such as French Kiss and Forget Paris, often portray France as a very romantic place.   Expressing love in French seems to heighten the romantic experience between two people.

France has its share of great artists.  Jean Fouquet is considered the most famous medieval French painter.  French painters, like Claude Monet and Georges Braque, contributed much to the development of French art.  Foreigners who lived in France, like Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh, also made France famous in the art world.

Located in Paris and one of the world’s largest museums, The Louvre houses a vast collection of antiquities, sculpture, paintings, and drawings from around the world.

For many years, France has always been at the forefront of fashion trends.  Considered as one of the fashion capitals of the world, France is headquarters to many foremost fashion establishments.  Designer Yves Saint Laurent is one example of leading French fashion to global popularity.

French fashion is so popular that French-inspired clothing can now be purchased online.  One such online store is, an online shopping destination that offers a wide range of products from clothing to electronic gadgets.  Nomorerack regularly offers special deals on selected items that you can buy at discounted prices.  To satisfy its customers’ ever growing needs, nomorerack reviews its existing deals in order to come up with better ones.

Next time you plan to travel the world, put France on top of your list and be ready for an adventure into history, language, art, and fashion.


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Why France is One of the Best Countries in the World: A Primer

Anyone who has no idea what France is and what are some of the influences it has brought into the world has been hiding under a rock for the last 200 some years. Two of France’s flagship influences are in food and fashion but its true contributions to the world also extend beyond these to include the economic, military and political spheres. Without France, we would have been left out on the dark on a variety of important concepts and we have much to be grateful that France has been gracious enough to export a lot of its attributes so that other parts of the world may come to enjoy them as well.
France, Dga, Science Technology, Information

The rise of France followed the well-chronicled ascent of many of the world’s more well-known ancient civilizations, form the Greeks in 600 BC to the Romans in 50 BC and well into the 6th century AD. France was also involved in some of the major wars that helped shape the world including the Battle of Tours in The Middle Ages. France was also responsible for some of the major revolutions during the 15th century prior to the rise of the European Renaissance including the French Wars of Religion in the 1570s. On top of this, France was also the origin of some of the world’s most famous and infamous world leaders which in turn inspired modern day heroes and entrepreneurs like Helen Pastorino. Because of the extent of the French Empire and all that it has to bring in ancient times, plenty of essays and researches have been written to further document the rise and fall of France as a nation.

Today, France has taken a more docile approach to political affairs preferring instead to focus a lot of its energy in economic and cultural pursuits. As an economic power, it ranks fifth in the world and second in Europe in terms of size. It is also home to 39 of the 500 biggest corporations in the world as of 2010 but is vibrant enough to host smaller businesses that in turn fuel small-scale businesses the world over. For example, web design leeds has some of its biggest clients in France expanding the relationship between and among European economies at the largest and smallest scales.

But as tempting it is to discuss France’s political and economic influences, it is truly in the world of culture that France holds a special place in the hearts of many. Consider the following areas where France has a major influence in:

The Arts. Some of the world’s best artists, specifically painters, have worked in France or are of French descent. At the onset, Italy primarily influence the identity of French painting but it quickly developed a personality of its own behind famous artist like Nicolas Poussin and Claude Lorrain during the renaissance period, Camille Pissaro, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet and Auguste Renour in the 18th century. The artists who have lived and honed their world-class talents in France include Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, and Wassily Kandinsky. Today, work advice articles on painting will tell young and aspiring artists to head to France to soak up the influences of the past and find their artistic identity in the art galleries, museums, and streets of France’s major cities.
Architecture. French architecture has help shape many construction projects all over the world including the Jamestown NY homes, the Chautauqua Lake Homes and several others. France’s architectural dominance is obvious in the many cathedrals and buildings that can be found all over France. These include the Notre-Dame de Chartres, Saint Denis Basilica, Sanit Sernin Basilica in Toulouse and even the many castles and fortresses built as a sign of power and as a refuge from war. But perhaps more important than the cathedrals and basilicas, the Eiffel Tower remains to be the crowning symbol of French architectural supremacy and even today, it elicits warm emotions of appreciation and romance from many visitors to Paris.
Literature and Philosophy. It bears no need for emphasis that France has a hand in influencing the literary and philosophical revolutions in the world.
Fashion. Paris is one of the most vibrant fashion capitals of the world hosting countless fashion shoes and is home to many avant-guarde designer shops including the more exotic auction sites. Year after year, the French economy relies heavily on fashion sales and profits and as luxury brands are remodeling estimates to comprehend fluctuations in sales, this can also impact France’s economic forecasts from both the high-level and grassroots level.
Food. Many restaurants all over the world specialize in French cuisine because many people look for it even if they are in a different country. This shows the degree of acceptance and popularity of French food, truly one of the best in the world. Of course, when it comes to a discussion about food, you should not forget to include wine. In fact, the Masters in Health Administration continue to be baffled by the fact that the French have a very low rate of heart and cardiovascular problems when their diets are largely based on fatty products. In the end, perhaps it is the moderate and regular consumption of red wine that gives the added resistance against developing co-morbid diseases.
Sports. The Tour de France is widely considered to be the most demanding endurance sport in the world. Imagine riding on a bike for 21 days through some of the most challenging biking routes in the world; that is the Tour de France. You might just as well do 100 repetitions on chin up bars than try your luck at cycling in the Tour de France. On the one hand, it is a healthy alternative to traveling around and indeed there are many bikers in an around France including the streets in most major French cities. It dispenses with the need for car accident lawyers, and promotes an eco-friendly way to travel.

Unfortunately, French fries is not French (it is Belgian in origin) but given all of France’s amazing contributions to the world, I doubt that French fries would make a different on its reputation as a cultural icon. Come visit France, enjoy its sceneries and savor some of its riches and it is not unlikely that you would be a full-pledged convert to following everything French. It’s stylish and chic; quite simply, it is French!

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Tips for Entry into the French Real Estate Market

Anyone would relish the opportunity of actually owning a piece of real estate but imagine how much more satisfying it would be to actually have that property in France. Between the food, fashion, relaxing countryside, the wine, and everything else quintessentially French, owning a piece of French real estate would even be better than scoring free or cheap cruises from NYC.

Of course, entering the French real estate market should likewise be an investment in itself. It’s not a simple matter of stromanbieter vergleich where one can just easily dismiss a decision as something you can sleep through. When buying French property, it also has to come with a quantifiable return of investment as well as a favorable payment scheme that would allow you to recover your investment with ease.

In this regard, consider the many options that you have for what kind of property to buy in France. Consider this your professional translation guide to kickstart your foray in the French real estate market:

Villas. There are plenty of villas for sale in France from the perpetually sunny locations in the South of France to just outside the city skirts of Paris and other well-known French cities. Locations like Marseille, Nice, Cannes and Valbonne offer some of the most stunning landscapes anywhere in the world and owning a villa in this location will definitely put you over the top. You know you have made it in life when you lounge by the architecture schools in the South of France without regard for any other concern than the pure relaxation of chilling out under the French sun. Pop audiobooks into your ears and you are set for a wonderful afternoon of rest and relaxation.
Vineyards. Next to villas, vineyards offer the most attractive entry point into the French real estate market. Vineyards have immense potential to not only score yourself a modest property in France but also one that pays back all those investments. France has the perfect weather for growing grapes and a ready vineyard will allow you to learn the ropes of growing one of the most valued plants on earth. When ready for harvesting, you can either choose to make your own wine or sell the grapes to a local winery so you immediately get the full return of your investment.

Still, nothing will trump being able to learn the art of winemaking using grapes grown in the rich soil of France. Many make a sound living out of cultivating grapes and fermenting their own wine, developing their own wine labels, and growing it to become one of the most loved in France and in the world. And even if you prefer the simplicity of couettes when it comes to everyday living, you can choose to just make your wine as a personal treat and hobby. Quite simply, there are so many options for you that you will never run out of things to do once you have scooped up a decent sized French vineyard.

Housing. Even if you do not own a French villa or vineyard, owning a house in France is still just as fulfilling. The location in itself is already a treat and the culture will make you want to trade your job as a wedding photographer York for the blissfulness of French residence. You even have the option of staying closer to a city like Paris or favoring the more relaxed life in locations like the French Riviera, Cote D Azur, and Saint Tropez among others.

The best thing about entering the French Real Estate Market now, specifically when it comes to houses, is that the market is still reeling from the effects of the recession in 2009. In many areas in France, houses have remained affordable. There are also many credit companies that offer attractive mortgage packages that anyone can take advantage of. The French Real Estate Market today is a like a SharePoint Hive full of virtual buzz and it is most definitely an industry that is worth going into.

Condominium Units. At the very least, there are many condominium units available in major French cities like Paris. It is closer to fashion, culinary and architectural schools so you can send your kids to the best art schools and give them a good place to stay. What’s even better, you can use this place as a springboard for all your French escapades during the vacation season. You will end up saving a lot of money by not having to pay for your hotel bills if you have a property you can call your own in France.

There are many real estate properties to choose from in the French Real Estate market and looking through the many options is like using an eCommerce shopping cart. You will likewise realize that with some of the most scenic representations of France in many websites, movies, and t-shirts through screen printing among others, buying a French real estate property can be one of the best value investments that you can make anywhere in the world.

So look through your options and see if you are looking to add another property to your list of assets. If you do, remember the French real estate market. It will be an investment that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

An Overview of Linux Operating System

Linux Operating System is widely used now-a-days. Since the beginning of its journey, it has been one of the most popular operating systems around the world. This OS is based on the Linux kernel. It is like the backlinks service; both can provide their users numerous sorts of services.

The Linux kernel is created by a student named Linus Torvalds in 1991. Before it came into being, the UNIX operating system was in use. Linux is being developed based upon the UNIX. But when it first came into being, it was not allowed to be used for commercial purposes. It was in limited use. But it has been used widely since its licence policy has been changed.

One of the reasons behind the popularity of this operating system is that it is open source and you can use it for free. The operating systems that use the Linux kernel can modify and access the source code very easily. It is like the San Antonio Marketing; both use simple strategy but are very efficient in their work. As the dreamweaver templates go through regular developments, Linux also goes through regular developments. That makes it so unique and well-liked among the users.

As you can download it for free, it is very easy for you to use it. The license that is used for it is named as GNU General Public License. As logbook loans give loans to the applicants without credit, this licence allows the users to download this kernel without credit. But the things that are produced using this kernel are not free. They can be sold commercially.

As folding chairs are available in several brands, Linux is available in several versions. Those are called distributions. These distributions are meant for different contexts and sectors. They are more popular among many other operating systems available in the internet. You can use them for desktop use, mobile technology and so on.

As you can get the payday loan from online, you can also get the Linux OS from online. You can get this in various ways. You can download it from the internet. You can also burn it onto a Compact Disk.

Linux operating system is used in different contexts and sectors. They are used for different kinds of devices like mobile, smartphones, desktop, game consoles, gadgets, tablet PCs, laptops and so on.

Often people say that you can run this system without much training. But it is necessary that you learn well how to operate it. As you need CNA certification to get a good job, you need to learn how to use Linux for a better operation.

As depuy hip recall can turn against your life, the viruses can turn against the efficiency of Linux OS. Though this OS is quite secure, but there are a few viruses that may harm it. But there is hardly any possibility of major attack as it is stronger than many other operating systems. As a lot of people work for the development of used cars Las Vegas to make them safer, a lot of people work on the improvements of this system to make it safer.

As Linux is free and can do a lot of things, it is becoming more and more popular day by day. As you look for an appartement a vendre to ensure a better future, the web developers are working on Linux for its better future. It will continue to grow. Sky is the limit for the developers of the Linux OS to make it more user-friendly and efficient.

Steps to Starting a Business in France

Are you planning to settle to France? Why? What about it? If you solely believe that you can do that, why not start your own business there? This is the best lifestyle in good France, having your own business to run while getting to the lifestyle that the place offers.

If you are unsure about the business you want to open, and then read this clearly so you won’t have to analyze any inversiontables. It shouldn’t be that complicated, but it may be tedious, bring a little extra patience when you get to France.

Here the steps for starting your own business in France:
1. Check your Business name at Institute National de la Propriété Industrielle (INPI)- IF you want to have a big impact and have an identity for your business, always go for a unique name. Choose a name of your company, or an existing name of your business that is genuine and directly describes your business. You can’t name a property management York business hair studio, find an appropriate one.
2. Deposit the required Capital for your Business – You have to have the cash to start your business. This process is mandatory. This isn’t your usual Daily deals.
3. Publicize a Notice of incorporation for your Business / Company – Put your best wrinkle cream on, and have your business known. Name of the company, its manager and registered office should be published. Much like dog collars to point out the name and owner.
4. Register your business with the Centre de Formalités des Entreprises (CFE) – This is done for formality. You have to declare everything about your company honestly. There are plenty of options to choose from, like your mobile phone batteries.
5. Get your record books stamped by the commercial court clerk – Accounting books kept for records are all specialized and should be initialed. Whether your business is about plus size clothing, you have to keep all records with the legal books and seals.

These are all done for formality. If you want to have a more exciting business experience in France, You may want to begin the operation of your business with promos. Give away a free cell phone if you want, just d something interesting. If you are travelling from the UK, be sure to have your car battery UK ready as you have plenty of adjustments and applications to be done. Find connections so get some help, more reliable.

You may also want to check out the place you’ll be doing business in. You don’t want to conduct business on a drug rehab inspired facility. The process of registering business in France mean nothing compared to running a successful business.



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aquarelle carte postale

Voila l’aquarelle peinte par Catherine d’apres une carte postale recement


Bertrand nous a quitté

Sa famille et ses proches,

Vous font part du décès de

Bertrand GUGGER

Gérant de TOGGG

La Crémation a eu lieu dans l’intimité familiale.

La famille remercie toutes les personnes qui prendront part à sa peine.

Technology Companies in France

France is one of the most powerful economies in Europe, home to many technology companies that deliver continuous innovation and a shot in the arm in terms of economic profit. While France is primarily known for its fashion industry, its glamour companies, and its worldwide leadership in couture and designer clothing, it cannot be denied that it is just as prolific on the technology front as it is on its more famed fashion front. In this post, we will briefly talk about these umbrella companies, their serviced offices and prolific output, with the end goal of highlighting how France continues to be a world power in technology even if it is not primarily known as such.

Right off the bat, consider how France is a player in key worldwide technological industries such as in aerospace, automotive manufacture, construction and civil engineering design, energy and engineering, information technology, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, software design, steel, and wine among others. These are the wow gold flagship industries in technology and they remain to be strong points on France’s famed economy.

For example, in the automotive industry, France is home to companies that manufacture the well-known car brands Reugeot, Renault, and Citroen. Worldwide, the first two brands are well known for their innovation and durability. In fact, Renault races on the F1 circuit and while it has yet to demonstrate parity with super fast cars like Ferrari and McLaren, it certainly has decent showing in most races as a testament to its strength in automotive design and manufacture. It’s hard to not have smile makeovers when you consider that the automotive industry “drives” a significant portion of French economy when it comes to holding market share in many European countries. Even tire manufacturer Michelin is based in France and its worldwide popularity does not require read more signs for you to know more about that brand.

An interesting new segment for which France is beginning to be recognized is in software design. Barely a few years ago, you would have thought France was known better for its perm and Brazilian keratin treatment sessions than for its software proficiency. Today, multinational companies regularly seek for solutions to their IT problems through software companies based in France.

For starters, SAP Business Objects is an IT company that specializes in providing software solutions for data management and planning, reporting and system information generation. This company works with some of the biggest manufacturing companies in the world to streamline manufacturing operations and deliver unrivaled efficiency. Without SAP Business Objects, many of the worldwide manufacturing giants would be a tad less efficient. It certainly wouldn’t be a reach to say they might as well be doing penny auctions.

Other well-known French software companies with sterling reputations that glitter like C9 Christmas lights include Aureus Sciences, Digital Surf, Genostar, GRAITEC, Hexaglobe, IMDS Group, Mondeca, Odisei, OpenCube technologies, Systancia, and Viadeo to name a few.

Perhaps its time to reconsider our view of France as more than just the fashion capital of the world; true, fashion sells just as much as Meladerm reviews or Fat Loss 4 Idiots guides but at the end of the day, the technology companies of France do their fair share of pulling the French economy forward. Without these companies, it is not inconceivable to see France as less powerful than it is currently constituted. For this reason, French technology companies deserve credit more than they are currently getting, and that is exactly why we went out of our way to acknowledge its contribution to the worldwide economy in general and French economic might in particular.

How to Start a Company in France

If you are interested to learn how to start a company in France, the information found here should aid you discover a few useful tricks and tips on how to get things rolling there. For example, you shall get to know how to easily start up a business on the French territory, how to successfully develop a commercial strategy and how to handle your money-related issues as well. You shall not need to prepare top call some 800 numbers just to find out how to do things, but rather take in all of this information and make the most out of it.

Relocating your business or putting your first business ideas into practice in France is an important decision. It is also a decision that is going to require a great deal of thinking. Start by verifying if the trade of profession you are thinking of completing is regulated there or not, and check out its terms of entry. Do some market research and try to clearly assess all of the market prospects that could interest your business, then make sure you build a strong marketing strategy. You could use the click here option on some official web sites and try to find out the exact situation of all of the restaurants, cafes, bars or clubs in France, if you are interested in starting up such a business. If you want to open an Italian food restaurant, for instance, it might be a good idea to actually check and see if there are a lot of Italians living in the area where you have decided to relocate your business to, or if taking your Italian specific food there will feel like going on a wild Africa safari.

Next, you should also make sure that you will be serving the French market as well. In terms of renting you should spend some time and do some proper research, so that you can benefit from the important sand often times substantial fiscal advantages that furnished properties might be offering you. You should also register as unemployed with a French job agency while you are planning your business ahead, so that you can also enjoy a nice exemption from most of your social security contributions for up to two years.

Whether you are considering opening a floor tape business or a flower shop in France, you are also going to need a good accountant to help you out with all of your money issues. You should also make sure you possess at least a few hundred Euros in order to get the tax advice or the financial assistance that you and your new business are going to need. You could also use a Centre de Gestion Agrees to verify your accounts and check out the availability of tax concessions. Get the costs of the insurance for your business and register your business before you start any form of commercial trading.


Les différents points d’insertion d’un plugin

La caractèristique principale des plugins est leur habilité à fournir des fonctionnalités supplémentaires ou à modifier le fonctionnement de spip sans avoir à modifier le noyau (core) de spip.

L’aspect fondamendal de cette habilité est l’incorporation dans le “_SPIP_PATH” de la racine du plugin. Cela veut dire que tout find_in_path() et conséquemment charger_fonction() ou include_spip() sera capable d’aller chercher des éléments dans l’arborescence du plugin. C’est valable aussi bien pour des scripts .php que pour des squelettes .html, des images, etc.

Dès qu’il est activé, le répertoire du plugin devient prioritaire par rapport aux répertoires du noyau : ecrire/, dist/ et racine du site. Donc, par exemple, si le plugin fournit un inc/forum.php, c’est ce script qui sera inclus lors d’un include_spip(“inc/forum.php. Il viendra donc remplacer le script original du noyau. Cette capacité est toutefois à utiliser avec parcimonie et on lui préfèrera dans la mesure du possible les autres possibilité d’insertion par options, fonctions ou pipeline. En effet, un tel remplacement fait que le script correspondant du noyau devient “invisible” et ses mises à jour ne seront plus suivies. C’est pourquoi on appelle communément cette technique un carlsbad therapist “fork” (branchement).

Les répertoires des plugins restent néanmoins moins prioritaires que les répertoires squelettes. Ceci permet à l’utilisateur final de pouvoir fournir sa propre copie qui prendra le pas sur les plugins et le noyau. On peut dire ainsi que les plugins fournissent une localisation intermédiare entre le noyau (distribution standard) et les squelettes (fourniture propre à l’utilisateur sanuk shoes)

A noter que l’activation d’un plugin fournit une constante décrivant son répertoire : _DIR_PLUGIN_XXX, où XXX est le préfixe du plugin, qui est à utiliser dès lors qu’on veut forcer la recherche d’un élément au répertoire du plugin. Attention, cet élément ne sera alors plus surchargeable et on préfèrera les find_in_path() ou include_spip() sui laissent toute liberté à l’utilisateur de fournir ses propres élements.

How to Migrate to France & Start a Business

France lies in the heart of Europe and with its long tradition of high developed culture it attracts people of all age groups and different backgrounds. France is a destination for the sophisticated person in specific who is looking for the never experienced encounter of a different way of life. The strict centralistic structure of the land where all influences, governmental and cultural spread from Paris over the entire country, the effects of them become thinner the further you distance from the Capitol. For that reason you will find a unique array of opportunities that offers the vibrant lifestyle in Paris with its flair that is well-known throughout the world to the cozy country side idyll of the Provence or the lifestyle of the high society at the Cote d’Azure. Often students move to France for a limited time just to experience the typical French lifestyle. The approach to life itself with the attributes of hard work combined with extensive social life and of course food is appealing to the young person seeking different views of life before settling.

If you are looking to live there for the rest of your life you have different options and a good education provides you an advantage that can enable you to start even a business anywhere you like. A good education can be achieved today easily by using online masters degree programs. Choose courses that fit your likes as masters of health administration, master in finance or get an online mba degree, a communication degree, a criminal justice degree online or an mba in healthcare management. The possibilities are endless. If you intend to work in the ever expanding IT world you might select the information technology degree online.

For migrating to France with the intention of catching and participating in the unique vibrant lifestyle that is so different from the one of the New World and try to combine it with an own business, you will discover a vast number of options that definitely will satisfy the search for the uniqueness in life. With a merchant cash advance you might open up a home based business first catering the many stores and shops that embrace the expansions of the online merchandising. Assisting them in broadening their clients and showing them the unique opportunities the new age has to offer, you can scoop off the clients that are not familiar with these new trends. With this type of business you are able to offer all kind of online jobs: take part in SEO works, offer services like PPI calculator or help the many small businesses to compete in the corporate world by showing them how to use the internet effectively.

Spicing your life up and gaining the view of a so different culture is what France is all about. Have the experience of your lifetime and know what it means when people say c’est la vie.


“Mes” fonctions et options

De façon similaire aux config/mes_options.php et squelettes/mes_fonctions.php un plugin peut fournir des scripts .php qui seront inclus respectivement à chaque requète ou à chaque recalcul de page.

Cela se fait par les éléments <options> ou <fonctions> de plugin.xml. Le nom du script est donc libre mais pour la lisibilité du plugin on les dénomme couramment options_xxx.php ou fonctions_xxx.php

Au même titre que les config/mes_options.php et squelettes/mes_fonctions.php “centraux” on peut dans ces scripts :

  • définir des constantes de base de SPIP
  • fixer des variables de personalisation
  • fixer una realizzazione siti web
  • donner des fonctions qui surchargent les fonction_dist() simplement en nommant la fonction à l’identique sans le _dist (mécanisme “historique”) ou des fonctions chargées par charger_fonction(). En effet, cet utilitaire vérifie d’abord que la fonction n’est pas déjà définie. Si donc on en a donné une version dans ces scripts, c’est celle-ci qui sera utilisée.
  • fournir des balises qu’elles soient en supplément ou surchargent une balise existante (…_dist()). Il suffit d’y fournir une fonction balise_MA_BALISE()
  • définir des filtres, c’est essentiellement un fonction du nom du filtre supplémentaire ou surchargeant lefiltre_dist()

On peut évidemment le faire en mettant tout “en vrac” dans ces scripts mais pour la clareté de lecture on procède le plus souvent par include_spip(“balises/xxx.php”) ou include_spip(“filtres/xxx.php”) ceci étant laissé à l’entière discrétion du réalisateur.

RAPPEL : les “options” sont systématiquement chargées à chaque requète, les “fonctions” seulement lors du recalcul d’une page, exactamento san diego flooring. On placera donc dans “options” ce qui est nécessaires partout et notamment dans l’espace privé et dans “fonctions” ce qui est nécessaire seulement aux squelettes.

The Top French Technology Schools

Even though accounting schools in France tend to be largely and intensively sought after due to the many advantages they can bring to students once they graduate, technology schools also make for some of the best options a great number of people are thinking about choosing in terms of career triggers. If you are planning on either joining such a French technology school or you are simply curious to find out more about this topic, you have reached the right page. You are going to read some hopefully useful information on the top technology schools in France.

First, we have the University of Liverpool, which offers online courses and programs in terms of electrical engineering, electronics and computer science and even online master’s degree courses to both French and overseas students. Information Technology and Software Engineering are the main two fields students can choose from for their master’s programs here. The University has been founded in 1881 and it gave birth to no less than 8 Noble prize winners. There are around 3,000 students coming from more than 175 countries to the University of Liverpool in France in order to complete their master’s courses. Visit the official web site of the university and learn more here about the main programs offered there and read here all the details you need on accommodation and fees. Just like searching for free movies online, you could be also looking for alternatives of paying smaller fees as well.

The second choice you could be definitely looking into in terms of technological schools in France refer to the Ecole Polytechnique, which is an educational institution supported by the French state and t is also considered to be the most prestigious engineering school in France. The French elite in terms of science, industry and economy is being yearly trained here. Just like the best master of public health in the US or the dental hygienist schools are being judged and measured considering their performances and students’ satisfaction, the same can be said about the Ecole Polytechnique as well. The official scope of the University is to offer its students high levels of scientific training and also broad views of the outside world as well. Their courses and programs refer to undergraduate and graduate courses, master’s and doctoral programs and all courses are held in French. International students cam also benefit from the existence of the International program of the Ecole Polytechnique, featuring full academic year or shorter periods. Scholarships connected to the Socrates, Unitech and Erasmus frameworks are welcomed here. There are also advanced undergraduate and graduate studies which are part of a special regular pluriscientific 4-year curriculum of the École Polytechnique.

All in all, France has many swell technological schools you could attend. Just visit a smartpet shop, buy your dog or cat enough supplies to last for a whole semester or a while year, ask a friend to petsit your furry friend and buy your airplane ticket as soon as you can.



Les pipelines sont un mécanisme récent et extrèmement puissant qui permet aux plugins d’intervenir dans la fabrication des pages publiques et privées.

De façon très générale, une fonction pipeline récupère un “flux”, le modifie éventuellement puis le renvoie. Par exemple, pour un flux de type texte, elle peut analyser le texte qu’elle reçoit et y rajouter des morceaux comme elle le désire. Celà se fait le plus souvent par des expressions régulières. Attention, vu que le plugin n’est pas tout seul à agir sur ce flux, il est fondamental de renvoyer ce qu’on a reçu, modifié ou non.


Un plugin s’intercale dans un pipeline en déclarant sa fonction dans le tableau global $spip_pipeline. Attention, cette déclaration doit ajouter sa propre fonction précédée d’un pipe |, ceci afin de ne pas écraser les insertions des autres plugins. Pour les plugins, cela est fait automatiquement par l’administration plugins d’après le fichier de définition plugin.xml vu dans le chapitre suivant, donc pas de souci si on utilise ce moyen.

Les pipelines disponibles

Voir le script ecrire/inc_version.php pour une liste actualisée.

Nom Type Description Flux Défaut
affichage_final P Contenu final Texte f_surligne, f_tidy, f_admin
affiche_droite E Colonne droite T1
affiche_gauche E Colonne gauche T1
affiche_milieu E Colonne milieu T1
ajouter_boutons E Boutons navigation OB
ajouter_onglets E Onglets sous bouton T2
body_prive E Corps de page Texte
exec_init E Initialisation ? T1
header_prive E Header Texte f_jQuery
insert_head P Header Texte f_jQuery
insert_js P js fichier ou inline T3
verifie_js_necessaire P Booléen js nécessaire T4
mots_indexation F Mots à indexer T5
nettoyer_raccourcis_typo T Nettoyer raccourcis typos Texte
pre_propre T Avant propre() Texte extraire_multi
post_propre T Après propre() car insurance ex()
pre_typo T Avant typo() Texte extraire_multi
post_typo T Avant typo() Texte quote_amp
pre_edition E Avant éditer objet T6 premiere_revision
post_edition E Après éditer objet T6 nouvelle_revision
pre_syndication P Flux RSS Texte
post_syndication P Flux RSS T7
pre_indexation F Avant indexation Texte
requete_dico F Recherche dictionnaire T8
agenda_rendu_evenement P Rendu agenda T9
taches_generales_cron F Tâches CRON Cron
calculer_rubriques F Calcul des rubriques Null

Types de plugins :

  • P : espace public
  • E : espace privé (ecrire/
  • T : Texte ou Typographie
  • F : Tâche de fond

    Types de flux

Type Composition
Texte Du contenu sous forme de texte
T1 array(’args’=>array(’exec’=>’…’),’data’=>’’))
T2 array(’data’=>$onglets,’args’=>$rubrique)
T3 array(“type” => “fichier/inline”,”data” => array())
T4 array(“page” => $page, “data” => “”)
T5 array(’args’=>array(’min_long’=>…),’data’=>array(mots))
T6 array(’args’ => array( ’table’=>’spip_…’, ’id_objet’=> … ), ’data’=>champs )
T7 array(lien, id_syndic, données)
T8 array(’args’=>array(’val’=>…,’min_long’=>…),’data’=>requète)
T9 array(’args’=>array(’evenement’=>$evenement, ’type’=>’ics/avec_heure/sans_heure’), ’data’=>$sum)
OB Objet Bouton
Cron Tableau de délais (secondes) par tâche

Tout cela est assez compliqué et en pleine mutation, il faut malheureusement souvent étudier le code du core ou des exemples life insurance quotes d’autres plugins pour comprendre comment utiliser les pipelines complexes. Les types “texte” sont en général plus faciles à mettre en oeuvre.

A technological history of France

Science and technology have advanced greatly all over the globe; there is hardly any country that does not depend on some type of technology for its everyday use. When we speak of science and technology, we normally picture very modern countries with huge neon signs and tall skyscrapers. This, however, is a misconception. even countries that don’t have such things, agricultural economies or countries well known for their arts and historical significance, often have some contribution to make to the world of c=science and technology. When we speak of technologically advanced nations, we immediately think of the United States, Japan and China. However, we miss out a very significant contributor in this case; France. It is true that when we think of this country, we think of the Eiffel tower, we also think of fancy perfumes and of course, the ever so famous French fashion industry.  However, we fail to acknowledge the contributions that this country has made to technology and science. Today I will be discussing briefly the technological history of France.

There are a number of different fields of science and technology that France is actually quite prominent in. Since these types of technology do not include very popular products like smartphones and laptops, we are unaware of the country’s performance in this respect. Did you, for instance, know that France is the leader in nuclear technology exports? We all probably know about bulging disc issues a lot more than we know of this fact!

Everyone knows of the bullet trains in Japan and the high speed transport that is now popular worldwide. we are all aware of the numerous automobiles that are present in the world. However, did you know that such methods of transport originated in France?

The French are also known for their contribution to the photography industry, not only in terms of fashion shoots, but also in terms of the development of this technology. If you think you will be taking a payday loan or a pikalaina as the French would call it, to purchase a brand new camera, you owe it to the French!

France promotes the research in the fields of science and technology by the numerous science and technology universities that are present in the country. This research is what has truly enabled France to become the source of the invention of so many useful items without which we would not be able to survive. Refrigerators, for instance, exist thanks to the hard work of many French scientists. Internal combustion engines too exist because of the French.

It can be safe to conclude that we cannot assume that we know all of a country’s strengths and contributions without fully studying not only its obvious traits but also the various traits that the country may have that are simply not highlighted. In this case, I believe not many of us thought that the fashion capital of the world had anything to do with science and technology.  Yet, it’s evident that France has quite a rich history of technology that awaits further research by all those who are interested!